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Sumit & Tanvi

November 04th,2022 | Udaipur

In the enchanting and historic royal city of Udaipur, Tanvi and Sumit's love story unfolded like a fairy tale. Their journey began as an arranged marriage but evolved into a deep and passionate love. Against the backdrop of Udaipur's majestic palaces and lakes, their love story reached its epitome.

The celebrations were a blend of tradition and romance, with vibrant Haldi ceremonies and a mesmerizing Sangeet night that echoed with music and dance. The outdoor destination wedding was a dream come true, with a picturesque setting that added to the magic of their special day.

This album captures the essence of Tanvi and Sumit's love—a story of two souls brought together by tradition and united by love in one of India's most romantic and historic cities, Udaipur.

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