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The name Two Cups Coffee & a Camera is the first thing that strikes most of the people. The story behind this unique and much famous name began almost 3 years back. We started freelancing and were looking for some unique name. Apart from typical wedding related names where the first name started with Wedding / Shaadi / Knot and last name as Pic / Shutter / Flash or any part of the camera, we wanted a name which was completely different.

The whole process of their 'naamkaran' lasted almost a week. We just wanted ways to come up with a name that qualifies all our requirements.

Finally, the thought of a universal element that everyone can relate to helped us really well. That's where 'Coffee' pitched in. Coffee is something that beats the stress easily. Also, most of our brainstorming sessions were over coffees and so were the client meets. Eventually, the first meeting point where any photographer meets the client that's "Two Cups Coffee". And when that 1st meet translates into us clicking their wedding through our "Camera", "TWO CUPS COFFEE AND A CAMERA" was created.

The name itself is unique, captivating and adds to our character as photographers who are passionate and creative. It creates curiosity and stands out in the list one word / small names and breaks the monotony.

The name proved to be lucky enough for us and we received many compliments from every clients on the name and admitted that it is the first thing that strikes their attention. This also helped us to make good relations with our clients and understand their requirements well. This was the story behind the unique and attractive name.

As the name, we believe in providing the best to make your wedding a memorable event. Two Cups Coffee & a Camera is a well-known name when it comes to photography. We are known for capturing the emotions, love and the souls behind the smiles and giving the best pictures to their clients which they can cherish all their lives.

A wedding is one important phase of life where not only the couple but also the families make infinite memories. It is an event where everything needs to be just perfect. The wedding memories are something that the couples cherish for all their lives. Similarly, to capture the unique and captivating pictures and make your wedding even more special is what Two Cups Coffee & a Camera is best at. They believe in telling your story through the lens of their aspirations and inspirations.

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