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Signature street style pre-wedding photography.

It was a regular weekend morning in South Bombay (pre-wedding destination for most of the wedding photographers). We completed ​the first​ session ​at Gateway Of India​ and ​were ​heading to the Central Library​, ​only to find out that it's ​being renovat​ed​.

​We managed some good shots at the Horniman Circle and were feeling a little disappointed about the Central Library renovation. As truly said by someone, "Scarcity is a blessing in disguise". It wasn't about the number of pictures. It actually made us realize about the whole monotony we were trapped in. ​And that's more because the kind of the requests we get most of the times. But that was truly the breaking point.

We ​decided​ to improvise and ​do​ something unique​, something more​ interesting​ . ​All this brain storming happening over a glass of sugarcane juice; where we halted for a quick break. While the gannawala ​was busy squeezing every ounce from the canes​, we spotted that his setup was ​unique ​f​or​ an interesting frame. ​We asked the couple, if they were up some adventure. They agreed and this happened.

​And as ​"Fortune favors the bold​"​, ​right next to t​hat​ ​was this typical​ ​roadside​​ ​barber. A mirror​ ​dangling from the wall, a high rise wooden chair; a mid aged grey haired man, with his scissors. He ​looked busy doing chop chop​ and we​ spotted the perfect opportunity to create another 'out of the box' frame​. Placed the couple in the frame, waited​ ​for some action​​, the kiss and BAM!

​After this there was no stopping. We​'ve​ managed to marry the ​Bombay streets; with to​-​be weds in one frame​ bringing out the real essence of street photography. ​Initially we were a little apprehensive thinking we may receive some resistance but it was only in the form form curious and surprised smiley faces.

We ​are super​ excited with the ​outcome​ and we've received very motivating response. ​O​ur experience ​has been amazing and very satisfying ​so far.​ Breaking the monotony and creating unique pictures is any photographers fantasy.

W​e ​intend​ to keep ​this trend of innovation alive​ and create​ more interesting frames ​for ​our future shoots.​ So if you are up for some crazy whacko ideas for your pre-wedding shoot with our 'signature street style pre wedding ​photography" connect with us over two cups ​of ​coffee ​!!!! ​Our cameras are ready! Are you?

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